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House Special Roll

Item Name Price

HS01 212 Roll (8pcs)

Spicy. Inside is pepper tuna, jalapeno, spicy mayo, topped with the spicy tuna, snow crab,masago, scallions & wasabi mayo.

HS02 Astro Roll (10pcs)

Spicy. Yellow tail, avocado roll & deep fried, Topped with spicy tuna, eel sauce & wasabi mayo.

HS03 Rock Snow Roll (8pcs)

Kani tempura, avocado inside, topped with snow crab, masago, crunch.

HS04 Josh W Roll (8pcs)

Spicy. Salmon, tuna and avocado wrapped with soybean paper and lightly fried, top with mayo, spicy mayo, unagi sauce masago & scallions.

HS05 Skydive Roll (8pcs)

Softshell crab and Avocado inside, topped w/bbq eel.

HS06 Double Shell Roll (8pcs)

Spicy. Shrimp tempura and creamcheese inside, topped with crab meat mixed with spicy mayo, masago, scallions, chilli oil.

HS07 Sashimi Roll (6pcs)

Tuna, salmon, escolar, massago, avocado, scallions wrapped with the soy paper & wasabi mayo on the top.

HS08 Holy Seabass Roll (6pcs)

Spicy. Crab meat with avocado wrapped with fresh seabass outside and spicy ponzu sauce .

HS09 Fried Oyster Roll (8pcs

Spicy. Oyster tempura and Avocado topped with tobiko, scallions, sesame and Spicy Mayo.

HS10 Soft Shell Crawfish Roll (8pcs)

Spicy. Fried Softshell Crawfish with Spicy Salmon and spicy mayonnaise topped with masago.

HS12 Vegetarian Roll (8pcs)

Cucumber, Avocado, Japanese Radish inside, topped with the tofu skin and avocado.

HS13 Sea of Love Roll (8pcs)

Spicy. Shrimp tempura, Masago, cucumber, avocado, scallions & spicy mayo inside, pepper tuna on the top with tempura flakes.

HS14 Shaggy Dog Roll (8pcs)

Spicy. Shrimp tempura & Cucumber inside, topped w/crab meat and spicy mayo.

HS15 Sloppy J Roll (8pcs)

Shrimp tempura, avocado, mayo, tuna, salmon, yellow tail on the top.

HS16 Crazy Crunch Roll (8pcs)

Spicy. Shrimp tempura, avocado, jalapeno, spicy mayo inside, topped with crab meat, tempura flakes & sp sauce.

HS17 Spicy Girl Roll (8pcs)

Spicy tuna inside, fresh salmon and avocado on the top.

HS18 Galveston Roll (8pcs)

Spicy tuna inside & eel on top with eel sauce.

HS19 Tuna Lover Roll (8pcs)

Spicy Tuna inside and Fresh Tuna on the top.

HS20 Margarita Roll (8pcs)

Spicy. Yellow tail, masago, mayo, scallions, cucumber and spicy sauce.

HS21 Dancing Eel Roll (8pcs)

California roll with eel on the top.

HS22 Playboy Roll (10pcs)

Eel, shrimp, kani, masago, creamcheese, then deep fried.

HS23 Volcano Roll (8pcs)

Kani, cucumber, creamcheese, avocado, on the top with dynamite Kani.

HS24 Houston Texans Rolls (8pcs)

Kani, cooked shrimp, cucumber, creamcheese and mayo.

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